Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catching up with May

May flew by so fast, it seriously lasted forever!

 I threw away my favorite pair of toms (the stink was unbearable), I got an apartment in my favorite part of town (Riverside), went out with friends, endured a tropical story by myself, went with my voice teacher to get a tattoo, got a new voice teacher, built a rocket, debated over what beer was best, the list goes on & on. oh and I finally saw Troll 2. Thank you Jet.

Thanks May, it was real.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hot Mikado indeed!

So...remember that other time when I said I would be blogging more and posting recipes on Mondays?

Yea life catches up with you when you're the Stage Manager of a cast of 24 people. 

The Gondoliers was a great production. I definitely learned a lot from my experience. I learned how to deal with people, how to keep the director happy amongst other things.

Right now I'm working on an another production called Hot Mikado. It's based on Gilbert & Sullivans The Mikado only that it's set in the 1940s in a Jazzed up Japan. Very silly but also fun. I'm in the ensemble and I understudied the lead Yum-Yum. 

Glad to be on stage again, but man is it a lot of hard work. Understudying is not something I'm not used to. I understudied for Actress #3 in Jacksonville University's production of A...My Name is Alice. I just fell in love with the part of Yum-Yum though. I'm not totally bummed though, since I'm going to use her solo "The Sun and I" in my upcoming Senior Showcase (which I also need to work on! yikes!). 

Being in the ensemble is fun though. I get to tap dance as well as jitter-bug (something I've always wanted to learn). I've also made a lot of friends. It's so great being in a show because the cast ends up being your family for a bit. You spend a lot of time together, especially after hours, and you just are learning from the people in your community.

So that being said, I will try & try again to post here. I sometimes forget how much I love writing here.