Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Friday!

I never have a day off. Being a Music Theatre major, I'm running around from 8 am til whew, only God knows when. Today most of my classes were canceled, so I decided to go tanning with one of my roommates. I just needed a couple of hours to not have a care in the world since I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me

Tonight I have rehearsal from 5-8, then I'm going to a concert to help save local comic book show called A Universe of Superheroes. Tomorrow the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, is opening for their season again. It's where a bunch of local crafters and shop owners sell their items in mini booths. It's one of my favorite Saturday past times. Hopefully I can get some thrifting in as well. Later that night, I will be watching my friend Jet dance in the Jacksonville University Dance concerts, and then stop by Inside the Target Car's set (hopefully). Sunday I will have to light hang all day at the theatre.

So you see why I needed a little Me Time.

It's gonna be a crazy fun weekend, but I'm sure it'll be fun. Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday.

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